[PASSED] Condemn Pierconium

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[PASSED] Condemn Pierconium

Post by Midnight Sparkle » Sun Jun 09, 2019 3:59 am

Condemn Pierconium

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: Pierconium

Proposed by: Kingdom of Napels

The Security Council,

Noting that the nation of Pierconium was founded before even the advent of the calendar system in time immemorial;

Observing that the nation of Pierconium, throughout their long history, has participated in and lead many despicable acts throughout the realms which have largely gone unnoticed and which the international community should be made aware of;

Appalled that, in 2004, Pierconium supported the brutal coup d'etat of The North Pacific by the New Pacific Order, itself a condemned organisation per SC#268, and ordered forces hailing from New Sparrow to support the rogue delegate Great bight and later Francos spain, founder of the New Pacific Order;

Shocked that Pierconium, using their puppet government of Gracius Maximus and its influential position in The North Pacific, manipulated the government of the then Delegate nation of Pixiedance to gain control of that nation's power within the feeder to subvert and destroy the governing body of The North Pacific. Using that power they systematically disbanded the lawful government in lieu of one they themselves envisioned, called the North Pacific Directorate, and removed nearly 500 native nations they saw as threats to their power;

Astonished that Pierconium played a key role in setting up Okhrana, an international spy network, which gathered intelligence from a wide range of regions and maintained in operation for several years;

Outraged that, in 2008, Pierconium, under the name of "Lord Darkseid", participated in a group known as "the Empire" as a founding member, which overthrew the legal government of The East Pacific and established an illegitimate regime for over 5 months;

Stunned that, as That called the vlagh, Pierconium was instrumental in the survival of the authoritarian Triumvirate of The West Pacific, which established a legacy of Delegate Supremacy and a Meritocratic government that continues to influence The West Pacific to this day;

Aware that Pierconium was an influential member of Gatesville, a region known for its opposition of the World Assembly as well as its coup of Osiris in 2013;

Further Noting that Pierconium has served in various positions with the governing body of The Pacific, known as the New Pacific Order, since that body's early history starting in 2004. These positions include the titles of Chief Justice of the High Court, Governor, Senator, Regent, and Emperor. In this capacity Pierconium oversaw multiple purges of the community of The Pacific, one in 2006 and one in 2008, which saw the removal of over 5,032 nations native to their region;

Firmly believing that these deeds warrant condemnation,

Hereby condemns Pierconium.

Co-authored by Nightkill and Malphe.
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Re: [AT VOTE] Condemn Pierconium

Post by Lukatonia » Sun Jun 09, 2019 5:42 am

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