[Request for a Consitunutional Interpretation] Article IV, Section 1

The Shrine of Nekhbet is the royal court, where the Pharaoh grants assent to legislation and issues letters patent.

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[Request for a Consitunutional Interpretation] Article IV, Section 1

Post by Wymondham » Fri May 24, 2019 6:21 pm

Your Majesty,
I would like to request clarification on the following passage from Article IV of the Scroll of Hours
(1) The Pharaoh will appoint a Council of Viziers to assist in managing the executive affairs of Osiris. The Council of Viziers is responsible solely to the Pharaoh and shall only have such powers and responsibilities as delegated to it by the Pharaoh.
I wish to inquire whether any limit on the powers the Pharaoh may delegate are inferred to be imposed by the above passage or whether all the powers of the Pharaoh may be delegated to a vizier should the Pharaoh wish for them to hold such power?
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Re: [Request for a Consitunutional Interpretation] Article IV, Section 1

Post by Lynxi » Fri May 24, 2019 6:54 pm

In regards to that clause, I don't read anything that acts as a limit of what the Pharaoh may delegate to a Vizier provided the power is the Pharaoh's to delegate. For instance, a Pharaoh could not make a Vizier that replaces the Council of Scribes of Council of Priests, but in terms of executive government the Pharaoh would have free reign to delegate any of their existing powers to a Vizier.

As Ham brought up in the discord, the powers a Pharaoh has are the ones explicitly laid out legislation and the powers assumed in this clause:
(9) All powers not explicitly granted to any other institution or office by this constitution may be exercised by the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh may delegate any powers or responsibilities of the office of Pharaoh to other officials or institutions.
It also reinforces the Pharaoh's right to delegate any of the powers they have- not only to Viziers, but to other institutions as well.
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