[PASSED] Repeal "Endangered Species Protection"

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[PASSED] Repeal "Endangered Species Protection"

Post by Midnight Sparkle » Sat May 04, 2019 3:03 am

Repeal: “Endangered Species Protection”
A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.
Category: Repeal
Resolution: GA#66
Proposed by: Ransium
General Assembly Resolution #66 “Endangered Species Protection” (Category: Environmental; Industry Affected: All Businesses - Strong) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.
The World Assembly,
Praising the spirit of General Assembly Resolution #66 "Endangered Species Protection” and convinced that multitudes of species have been saved from extinction due to it,
Striving, however, to consistently improve and reduce the ambiguity in existing World Assembly legislation,
Strongly questioning the fact that Endangered Species Protection seemingly only extends most protections to animals, as indicated by "animals", "animal species", and "hunting" being used repeatedly in the resolution, when all biological kingdoms have unique values that would be lost by extinction,
Regretting that the resolution also states that protections need not be extended to certain types of bacteria and viruses (neither of which are animals) creating ambiguity and uncertainty in enforcement as to what forms of life are covered by Endangered Species Protections,
Finding other important terms in the resolution to be used ambiguously, such as the resolution stating that species that WA Endangered Species Committee is responsible for conserving could be "exhibiting repeated numeric decline" a phrase the could pertain to both species experiencing natural population fluctuations and those approaching endangerment; and "pollution" which could be interpreted as narrowly as to mean chemical contaminants found in habitats or as broadly as to include any noise or light impacting the habitat,
While praising the resolution's prohibitions on some actions that are deleterious to endangered species, specifically further habitat loss, habitat pollution, and hunting of endangered species; also noting the resolution does not specifically prohibit other potentially harmful actions such as non-fatal harassment of endangered organisms, the introduction of harmful invasive organisms, and the intentional or accidental disruption of important species activities,
Aware that the resolution focuses on the prevention of further harm to endangered species, while only mentioning potential actions to actively increases species population numbers in the direst circumstances,
Concerned that without a clear active recovery plan, species population levels can remain low indefinitely, leaving a no-win situation of species being at continued risk for extinction and the economically deleterious impact of endangered species protections becoming long term,
Anxious that the binary regulation choice provided for in Endangered Species Protection of species either being endangered and therefore receiving full protection or being fully unprotected lacks flexibility and may create the perverse incentive to forcibly remove species from property before they are found to be endangered so as to avoid future stringent regulations,
Confident that replacement legislation which builds upon the positive legacy of Endangered Species Protection will be put in place rapidly;
Hereby repeals GAR 66: Endangered Species Protection.
Vizier of World Assembly Affairs
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