TWP FA Update: March 2019

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TWP FA Update: March 2019

Post by k1213693 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:23 am

The Dragon Emperor Delegate:

The Holy Principality of Saint Mark


Kawaii Schoolgirl, Arkadia Universalis, Dalimbar, Bran Astor, Yy4u, Mediobogdum


Recruitment and Citizenry: Alchera

Foreign Affairs: Arkadia Universalis

Internal Affairs: Bran Astor

World Assembly Affairs: Denieria

Education: Rizorien

TWPAF Commander: Kawaii Schoolgirl

Speaker of the Hall of Nations: Dalimbar

Deputy Ministers:

Sergeant-At-Arms: nrevyW

Deputy Speaker of the Hall of Nations: Miss Lady Madeline

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: KhanterWinters

Internal Affairs: TWP RP Map
We have new updates of the TWP Map! and it is Awesome! Internal Affairs is doing a nice work with the claims, and implementing the RP Map Server.
See this Dispatch to see the map!

...and we had these fancy announcements:
- Top Status Point Earners for March: KhanterWinters, Craiolia, Miss Lady Madeline, Nrevyw. Contact West Seven Deaths ASAP to plot your territorial expansions.

- Welcome Nieubasria, The Federation of Peace, and Recuecn to the map
- KhanterWinters' expansion added
- Three of four continents now have names!

TWPAF Aids in Osiris Pharaoh Transition!
The West Pacific Armed Forces, under their high commander, Victoria Kawaii Wintony, have deployed a task force to help with transfer of the Osiris WA delegacy from Altinsane to her Heir Apparent, GhostFox. Although the participation number was low due to the military's focus on restructuring, Osiris has thanked T.W.P.A.F. for their support. These few troops will be pulling out once Osiris' Pharaoh reaches the requested number of endorsements.

TWP Policies: Anti-Sexting Accord and Deputy Speaker Post On February 23, The Speaker of the Hall proposed a vote on The Emperor's joint statement with Osiris and TEP on the prevention of sexual harassment and sexting.
NationStates is a community populated by many people who are under the age of consent. While it is not possible for regional governments to police every interaction, nor is it possible to guarantee the safety of any of its members, it is the hope of the signatories to this accord that by taking this stand against certain behaviours in our regions, we will promote a climate where keeping others safe is a goal for everyone.

The signatories agree that sexting, sexual role-play, and otherwise trading communications of a sexual nature is not welcome in their respective regions. In no way is this meant to condemn consensual adult relationships outside of NS, even among those who met through NS.
By a vote of 17 ayes, 0 nays, and 2 abstentions, the non-binding resolution passes the Hall of Nations.

The signatories welcome other responsible regions to join them in protecting their residents.

On March 23, The Speaker of the Hall proposed an ammendment to the Manners of the Hall of Nations, outlining the duties of the possition of Deputy Speaker of the Hall.
2. If the Speaker is unavailable, the Deputy Speaker will act as Speaker until they become available. If both the Speaker and Deputy Speaker are unavailable, the Delegate or his designee will act as Speaker until either the Speaker or Deputy Speaker become available.
With a vote of 16-0-0, the vote passes unanimously.

Evil Cub Raided TWP!!
At the end of March, Evil Cub of LWU, tried to make its dad, Evil Wolf, proud, so he couped several important regions, including TWP. In addition to altering the WFE to suit his purposes, he put up "wanted" signs, looking for his daddy.

If you have seen the father of Evil Cub, please contact him. Evil Cub misses him!

Credits of TWP Flags, Badges and FA Banner for Fujai, Internal Affairs Logo for Bran Astor, LWU Flag of TWP forEvil Cub.
The Gryphonian Alliance, TWP ambassador to Osiris
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