[PASSED] Freedom to Seek Medical Care II

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[PASSED] Freedom to Seek Medical Care II

Post by Midnight Sparkle » Wed Jan 23, 2019 4:18 am

Freedom to Seek Medical Care
Category: Civil Rights
Strength: Mild
Author: New Waldensia

Believing that individuals possess an inalienable right to seek medical care of their own accord and at their own expense, above and beyond that which may be provided for them by their government or by their nation's laws,‎

Understanding that medical treatment is a complex issue and requires great care, and that health-care needs can be difficult to adequately treat without the proper resources, technology, training and expertise,

Aware that some nations do not have said resources and training available in their medical facilities, and that some diseases, conditions, and disorders occur in such limited instances that some nations have little or no experience treating them,

Concerned that some nations may be harming their citizens by mandating that they be medically treated within their own borders or by restricting access to new or experimental treatments, thus denying better treatment that may be obtained elsewhere,

Observing that there may be occasions where treatment in another nation may be preferable to a patient,

Noting that a previous version of this measure passed the General Assembly by a substantial margin, demonstrating widespread support for recognizing the freedom to seek medical care,

The General Assembly hereby:

1: Prohibits member nations from denying or restricting their citizens or permanent residents from traveling to obtain medically necessary healthcare in foreign nations at their own expense, subject to any restrictions previously imposed by the General Assembly, while allowing member nations to prohibit travel to nations involved in active armed conflict with the member nation,

2: Affirms the ability of member nations to set their own policies and restrictions regarding the in-bound travel of non-residents so long as such ordinances are in accordance with previously passed General Assembly legislation, and further declares that no member nation is required by this measure to provide medical care to non-resident medical patients above any requirements previously imposed by the General Assembly,

3: Requires that member nations respect the rights of all patients and their legal representatives,

4: Prohibits member nations from taking legal action against citizens or permanent residents who seek medical treatments or operations abroad, as long as General Assembly resolutions have not been violated,

5: Declares that patients seeking medical care or treatment under this act are financially responsible for any costs not compensated by existing laws in their home nation, and that such travel and payment must be arranged by the person(s) seeking treatment, or by their legal guardians or representation,‎

6: States that member nations are not obligated to cover future medical costs for conditions that arise after and directly result from medical treatments or operations sought at private expense by the patient under this measure,

7: Notes that member nations are not prohibited from assisting in defraying the financial cost associated with citizens or permanent residents seeking medical care under this measure.[/quote]
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