[PASSED] Repeal "On Universal Jurisdiction

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[PASSED] Repeal "On Universal Jurisdiction

Post by Midnight Sparkle » Tue Nov 27, 2018 5:14 am

Repeal "[post=23823680]On Universal Jurisdiction[/post]"
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This august World Assembly,

Concerned that the target resolution requires nations to prosecute in section 3, but that the target does not also require that nations provide prosecutors with information they may have, meaning that the target sets up a prosecutorial scheme where nations may be prosecuting persons without a full accounting of the facts,

Observing that section 7 of the target resolution “[f]orbids the World Assembly from preempting a member state’s claim to universal jurisdiction under this resolution, including but not limited to through an international criminal court or a substantially similar institution”,

Seeing that this section prohibits the Assembly from establishing an international tribunal capable of actually effecting judgement for crimes against humanity and war crimes, that is, an international court that actually does things on meaningful topics,

Believing that a lack of such a court means:
  1. there are few prosecutions of war criminals and perpetrators of genocide, since (i) prosecutorial discretion exists, due to differing interpretations of section 3(c) and (ii) such criminals and perpetrators would not willingly move themselves to jurisdictions which would prosecute them and
  2. victims of war crimes and other crimes against humanity are unlikely to receive justice, as even when prosecutions occur, they will likely be in friendly jurisdictions, meaning that they will be slaps on the wrist,
Expressing its discontent at this state of affairs, where criminality of the worst degree is not punished and where the international rules-based order is unable to deter or bring justice to would-be tyrants from engaging in mass murder or other heinous crimes,

Saddened at the deaths caused by the Assembly’s inability to act and the incredible injustices that the Assembly is unable to take action to right, and

Calling for the creation of a compulsory, fair, and effective international tribunal to resolve these issues, hereby:

Repeals GA 312 “On Universal Jurisdiction”.
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Re: [AT VOTE] Repeal "On Universal Jurisdiction

Post by PowerPAOK » Tue Nov 27, 2018 5:28 am


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Re: [AT VOTE] Repeal "On Universal Jurisdiction

Post by Ridersyl » Tue Nov 27, 2018 6:35 am

I've learned more about the minds of men on the internet than I have in any book.

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