EQT: Sept 9th, 2016

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EQT: Sept 9th, 2016

Post by Asylum » Sat Sep 10, 2016 2:32 pm

Volume #6, Issue #6 - September 9th, 2016 - Population: 563

The Hierarchy
Hierarch: Asylum

The Executive
Chancellor: Terrabuena
Superintendent of Concordance: Viisbyax
Co-Superintendent of Culture and Communications: Spontaneous Lunacy
Superintendent of the Interior: BeoTheGreat
Co-Superintendent of Culture and Communications & WA Delegate: Ceapoyce

The Conclave
Speaker: Idaina

Guild A: led by Krieganpanzer, 9 members large, tied for 1st in Guild Cup
Guild B: led by Ceapoyce, 8 members large, tied for 1st in Guild Cup
Guild C: led by Cookiesurvival, 8 members large, tied for 1st in Guild Cup[/center]
A Word From the New Chancellor Terrabuena Greetings, fellow Nationstates regions! I am Terrabuena, the newest Chancellor of Equinox. I just wanted to introduce myself a bit to you, so that you know who is the new elected head of Equinox. I have been playing Nationstates for well over a year now, (if you really must know, 500 days to be exact!) and I plan to be around for many more to come!

This term as Chancellor presents me with the challenge of having to completely rework several things based off of referendum results within the portions of our forums that pertain to Equinomics and the guild system. Our guild rework is currently being tested out, and the Equinomics system is frozen for now, but we have got a discussion going and are hoping for the best!

Just wanted to say hi and to let you all know a bit about what's going on (unless this is a repeat of what was already said, in which case, I apologize for taking valuable seconds away from potential Archer time on Netflix) :P

Here's to a prosperous term!

Signed, Terrabuena
Reporter: Terrabuena

Role Play in Equinox
Hello! The role play scene has seen a slight dip of activity as everyone was busy with their summer adventures, but now that the school season is upon us, it's time to rev it up again! What better way to rev it up than a new role play? Mistress Ceapoyce is currently taking signups for a new role play, titled, well, there is no title right now as it is a work in progress! You can find the link to the role play here!

The Forest of Glim, the most viewed and most posted-in role play in Equinox history, is still going strong! You can find that here!

In addition, the Equinox regional map is filling out nicely. We have had several more additions and there quite possibly might be a role play in the works regarding a certain...project...or something similar! Or maybe something entirely new and shocking! You can find the map here, underneath the spoiler tab!

WASSUP, or Wildly Active Sometimes Social Useful People, is Equinox's new and quirky way to volunteer for civil service! Volunteering efforts can be put towards being a Deputy (think secretary for a manager, where the manager is a member of the cabinet), being part of the Ambassador Corps, being part of the Festival Planning Committee, being part of the Telegram staff (those who work on this thing!), or being part of the World Assembly Guardians if one is a veteran player.

It is allowed to join as many as you would like, even all five of them, as long as you are productive and can manage it! We hope that this new service helps us find more motivated people and we are already seeing success with it! More info is available if you click right here!
Reporter: Asylum

The Guilds of Equinox

The Guilds of Equinox just went through major reform, for the first time since 2009, in fact. The major changes are:

- The Number of Guilds is determined by a Public Referendum Vote each term alongside elections for Chancellor and Speaker. The citizens of Equinox now vote on "Create" a 3rd/4th/5th Guild of Equinox, "Stall" the creation of a new guild, or "Disband" the 3rd/4th/5th Guild of Equinox. (No matter what, there will always be at least two Guilds.)

- Guilds shall be Reincarnated each term. Meaning, at the start of each term, the Guilds are wiped completely blank, and members are sorted out into the guilds for the first month. During that first month, the guilds are required to announce their Leader, Guild Internal Structures, Political Agenda and Overall Theme to the Hierarch and Chancellor.

- Each term the guilds will compete in The Guild Cup, a point system where at the end of term the winner earns various awards, but the main prize is Immunity. The winning guild is immune to Reincarnation, but still needs to announce a new Guild Leader and Political Agenda.

- One major change is that Ambassadors can now join our guild system! If you are a foreign ambassador assigned to Equinox, you are now allowed to join and participate in a guild! Come and try out our Guild System; Volunteer Here!

- The Guild Referendum Vote ended in "Create", meaning that Equinox currently has three guilds. Guild A, Guild B and Guild C are in the middle of the Customization Schedule now, and are all on track to completing guild customization by September 30th.

Foreign Affairs Update
Equinox is pleased to welcome the regions of Arda En Estel, United Kingdom and The Kingdom of Great Britain, who all applied and were approved for Embassies on the Equinox Forums.

We also send warm welcomes and well wishes to Albion, who have sent over a new Ambassador to Equinox!

We are always looking for more friends from around NationStates; Apply for an Embassy on the Equinox forums!
Reporter: BeoTheGreat

The Elections

Equinox says goodbye to the wonderful Chancellor A Kaskadian and extraordinary Speaker Hirvania, as well as the rest of the cabinet, as a new term begins. During the elections, Terrabuena and Remalandia both ran for Chancellor, and Idaina ran for Speaker. Terrabuena ultimately won by a landslide, becoming our 4th Chancellor under the Charter. Congratulations, Chancellor! Idaina also won over the No Confidence vote, becoming the 3rd Speaker under the Charter. Congratulations, Speaker! Chancellor Terrabuena has chosen Spontaneous Lunacy as Co-Superintendent of Culture and Communications, Ceapoyce as Co-Superintendent of Culture and Communications and World Assembly Delegate, and BeoTheGreat as Superintendent of the Interior. We look forward to an active and successful term!

The Equinomics Debate
Meanwhile, Equinox's economy, named Equinomics, has been frozen. Due to the resignation of Boy101 from the Department of Finance and a lack of activity, Equinomics has been put on ice until a solution is found. In the Chambers of the Conclave and outside of it, citizens are debating what can be done to save this vital part of Equinox. Currently, the most-liked proposal is a group of citizens, perhaps a civil service part of WASSUP (Wildly Active Sometimes Social Useful People), dedicated to running the Department of Finance.
Reporter: Ceapoyce

Equinox's Harry Potter Extravaganza!

As you all know, Equinox is the premier party region and we hope we've lived up to our reputation with our most recent event, The Harry Potter Extravaganza. During this event, participants were sorted into Houses, issued a wand, and tossed out into the magical mayhem of an Equinoxian party. The Quidditch pitch was packed with action and the festival was filled with discussions about our favorite wizarding world! If you missed out on this event, we hope to see you at the next one! Rumor from the WASSUP Festival Committee is that the next party is set to launch later this month! The Nationstates Families of Equinox
There's been quite a stir in the familial houses of Equinox as of late. Some of you may remember our posting about the marriage of then-Chancellor Cea Cerulean and Captain Mordor. This reporter is sad to say that all is not well in paradise for this happy couple; at the very least, all is not exactly normal. Earlier this year, Mordor's sudden drop in activity led us all to believe Cea a widow; however, Mordor has recently returned to some semblance of activity as a shambling shade of half death. After a somewhat lengthy court case resulting in the untimely death of Nikolai Cerulean, Cea and Zombie Mordor are proud to announce the adoption of their twin sons BeoTheGreat and Tom_Smith!
Link to EQTV's Hit Courtroom Drama

In other familial news, there's a pair of newcomers in the Equinox scene: sisters Aynia and The Fox. So far, the pair have been quite an enjoyable addition to the Equinoxian family scene! We hope they decide to establish a family home here so they may be more easily located by EQTV's paparazzi. Aynia has been an extremely helpful member of the WASSUP (Wildly Active Sometimes Social Useful People) festival committee and The Fox has been busily displaying her great culinary prowess as an extraordinary baker.
The Equinox Discord Channel!

Much of Equinox spends its time hanging out in our Discord chat. Discord has replaced Skype as our main means of communicating outside the forums and it's always full of fun and hilarity! Here is just a small collection of recent memorable moments, but if you'd like to join us in creating more Just Click Here!
Aynia - 08/31/2016 wrote: everytime I come here there's weird conversations :P
in this chat? yes, you need to clarify :P
Asy - 09/01/2016 wrote: today I drove straight thru a round-about
over the median and everything
it was great fun
Beo - 09/03/2016 wrote: @Asy asking reddit to edit perry the platypus' face onto walter white.
Asy - 09/03/2016 wrote: i want someone to sing rap songs about butts
but in opera style
We even have a friendly bot, always ready with a witty joke or magic 8ball answer!
Terrabuena - 09/08/2016 wrote: ...
TypicalBotBOT - 09/08/2016 wrote: Why do mermaid wear sea-shells? Because b-shells are too small

Last but not least, a word about our upcoming event!

Does your region, or any nation in your region, have a signature export? Are you a luxurious tourist destination? Would you like to shout it out to the world?

Well, here's your chance!

The Guild Confederacy of Equinox is hosting its very own Equinox Olympics, to be held on the September Equinox (The 22nd of September), and we're looking for sponsors. Simply create a graphic, or contact your regional Equinox ambassador to have one created for you, and come to see the games! Your advertisement will be displayed proudly in one of the several games or festival areas! We've extended this offer to all our embassy regions, so act fast as space may be limited!
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EQT: Sept 9th, 2016

Post by Transdavisia » Sat Sep 10, 2016 2:43 pm

Thank you very much! :D

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