EQT: July 25th, 2016

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EQT: July 25th, 2016

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Volume #6, Issue #5 - July 25th, 2016 - Population: 668

Hierarch: Asylum
Chancellor: A Kaskadain
Minister of Communications: Viisbyax
Minister of the Interior: BeoTheGreat
Minister of the Illusory: Terrabuena
WA Delegate: Ceapoyce
Speaker: Hirvania[/center]
The 3rd Chancellor of Equinox
June began by watching the newly elected Chancellor, A Kaskadian, take the Oath of Office and begin work. A Kaskadian smacked down his opponent, No Confidence, in a blow-out vote of 23-2

Equinox Elects the First Speaker
Elected alongside A Kaskadian, was the newly created Speaker position. Klaus Mikaelson who defeated his opponent Lower Coleland and No Confidence in a nail bitter, decided by one vote, the final tally being 11-10-1.

Equinox Gets a New Delegate
The World Assembly Act, was amended right as the term began, and was quickly signed by the Chancellor. It created yearly elections for the Delegate position, instead of it being a life-long election. Incumbent KevinWasserman faced a challenger in former Chancellor Ceapoyce. The First Round of the elections ended in a 7-7-2 tie between Kevin, Cea and No Confidence. A few days were given for candidates to campaign before the second round of voting began and ended with Ceapoyce claiming victory with a 11-7-2 Vote.

Electing the 2nd Speaker of Equinox
Shortly after the Delegate election was completed, Hierarch Asylum dismissed Klaus Mikaelson from the Speaker position, due to inactivity. This vacancy triggered a new election for the Speaker position. Two new-comers ran for the position, with Hirvania winning the election over Destog, with a final vote of 10-0-5 (Hirvania-Destog-No Confidence),

Foreign Affair Relations
Eqinox is proud to have new (forum) embassy exchanges with the following regions; United Kingdom, The Allied States, and The North Pacific. Sadly, the following region's have had their embassy on the Equinox forums closed due to inactivity/being a barren wasteland; Ainur, Asgard, Auralia, Eieneti Gensokyo, Nohbdy, Sapientia, The Communist Bloc, Kingdom of Great Britain, and The South Pacific. These regions are always welcome to come back to re-open their now closed embassies.

Government Hiring and Losses
During the months of June and July, the Government had 2 people leave and 1 get hired on. Minister of Finance Boy101 resigned his position on July 12th, he cited the work he needed to do for the region he founded (The Universal Allegiance, a regional ally of Equinox) and lack of free time to devote to NationStates in general. Chancellor A Kaskadian announced the leave of Special Adviser Quinncunx in his Schedule for July, and also announced the hiring of Minister of the Interior, BeoTheGreat.

Executive Order #002
Chancellor A Kaskadian issued Executive Order #002, where the government bought-out an inactive Equinomics business, The University of Equinox, and have turned into a institution ran by the Minister of the Interior, who could then appoint a Dean to run the school.

Conclave Update
- The Motion of Distrust Act; was passed by the Conclave and signed by the Chancellor. Allows citizens to recall elected officials
- Amendment to the Charter of Equinox; was passed by the Conclave, signed by the Chancellor, and ratified by the Guilds. Officially outlines the Speaker in the Charter, and adds fail-safe to remove the Hierarch if necessary.
- Revisions to the Criminal Code; was passed by the Conclave then vetoed by the Chancellor. After its return to the Conclave is was passed again and this time signed by the Chancellor.
- "LGBT" Regional Tag; Equinox participated in the "#LoveIsLove" NS Campaign, and the Conclave debated whether to keep the LGBT tag or not. While tags are not legally determined by the Conclave, the debate signaled the region's support of keeping the tag.

A Significant debate has been happening in the Conclave after the Hierarch asked the Conclave to debate revisiting "The Equinomics Act". The debate has now turned into a "Equexit" of sorts, do we keep our Economy? Or ditch it? Will each term the region publicly vote to Support or Suspend the Equinomics System. During this, the Chancellor issued a suspension of the economy until a resolution can be found and passed by the proper legal channels.

The Guild Cup So Far
The Guild Cup has returned, and the defending champions The Hatter's Society have lead the entire term with a significant lead. The latest update however significantly hammered down on inactive guilds, with massive subtractions to The Agency, The Secret Police and Yarr!. The current standings of The Guild Cup are; The Hatter's Society (481 pts), The Secret Police (164 pts), The Florists (154 pts), The Agency (95 pts) and Yarr! (4 pts).

Role Play Dominates Equinox
Role Play has become quite the cornerstone of Equinox as of recently. Several new role plays have started, including the most posted in and the most viewed ever in the history of Equinox, The Forest of Glim, created by Terrabuena, the current Minister of the Illusory, aka Secretary of Role Play.

A Handy Dandy RP List
Minister Terrabuena also created a list of current role plays going on in the region you can read by clicking here

Equinox's New Role Play Map
A new map of Equinox has been created! An attempt to reconcile locations for National role plays concerning politics between leaders, it features an updated design, and lots of interest! You can find that here, within the spoiler tab.

Equinox's 8th Birthday
On June 21st Equinox Celebrated its 8th Birthday! We'd like to thank everyone who came to celebrate with us and made the event such a success. As always, Equinox brought the party with games, prizes, and a ton of fun! We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and look forward to seeing you at our next party! This Term's Hall of Fame Inductee
Each term the newly elected cabinet of Equinox selects a member or guild of the region to be inducted into our Hall of Fame. This term however, the candidate was selected by the people during our Birthday Bash! We'd like to congratulate the historic Axiom Guild on its admission to The Hall of Fame. The Axiom Guild created and maintained the first military of Equinox "The Crusaders of Justice" which established Equinox's name internationally. It was also the Guild with the most elected Chancellors (2008 to 2011).
Link to Hall of Fame Entry


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