Official Council Statement Regarding The Ragerian Imperium and Moneyness

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Official Council Statement Regarding The Ragerian Imperium and Moneyness

Post by Kingsteak » Tue May 14, 2019 9:37 am

The Black Hawks value the integrity of players and safety of our community over any perceived raiding ability. We also place immense trust in our allies to do the same.

Following recent investigations, the Council of the Hawks has become aware that the leadership of the region, The Ragerian Imperium, (TRI) have been knowingly harboring the player previously known as Moneyness, now operating under the names, Jake the Snake and Slitherin Snakes.

Moneyness was once a member of the region Hydra, until he was banned for behavioral issues. The Black Hawks gave him a second chance. Then, in TBH as well, he begun a long history of extensive and varied behavior issues both in the region and with our members outside the region, which culminated in a formal sit-down with council using an impartial mediator, and a "last chance reset" of his prior behavior history as long as he followed strict terms of behavior. One of those terms was "avoiding undue confrontation." Moneyness agreed to this resolution. Soon thereafter, Moneyness led a tag raid session through his own region, Fire Nation. The WFE posted on the tags, written by Moneyness, specifically and strongly baited a valued member of TBH that he had personal issue with. As such, Moneyness was banned from The Black Hawks in November of 2017. In response to his ban, Moneyness attempted to go on a revenge streak. This included posting this thread, in which he leaked every upcoming TBH military operation he knew of, and in which a friend of his parroted false sexual harassment accusations that Moneyness had been making offsite. Since learning of the identity of Jake the Snake, the Council has also received or learned of further reports of undue behavior, under this new identity, matching these patterns. This player was removed from our community for good reasons, and it is clear those reasons are still valid to this day.

The player behind Moneyness negatively impacted The Black Hawks’ community repeatedly, both in-game and out-of-game. His presence and behavior made the game less welcoming to those around him. TRI’s choice to both welcome him back to the game and actively hide it from the rest of the world, five months from his ban in TBH, showcases a complete disregard by the region’s leadership for the very wellbeing of The Black Hawks’ and others’ communities.

The Black Hawks find it necessary here, as we have in the past, to take specific action against individuals for their involvement in a matter that has endangered our members. The Council of the Hawks officially blacklists Vulturret and Sithis, most responsible for this situation, for the betrayal of our community, and will not work with any region that knowingly puts them in a position of power. Additionally, Samsonyte, who helped keep the secret, is banned from holding any position in The Black Hawks, including enlisting as a member or serving as another region’s official ambassador to us. These decisions were made after careful consideration of the evidence gathered surrounding the incident. The Council does not make decisions to blacklist individuals lightly, and will field questions regarding our decisions in private channels.

These actions are the result of our initial investigation. As more information is made available, we will take any additional action we feel necessary in the best interest of our members.

The Council of the Hawks

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