June General Update

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June General Update

Post by Paulus Gaius Epistre » Fri Jul 05, 2019 3:55 pm

June 2019 Update
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The Empire of Mare Nostrum

Emperor: Rex Ciphra

Praetorian Prefect: Khosrow

Legatus Prefect: Paulus Gaius Epistre

Tribunal Prefect: Sarah Karimi
Tribune of Public Affairs: Wymondham
Tribune of Regional Affairs: Lord Eros Anphedite
Tribune of Communications: Saphalus
Tribune of Roleplay: Lucius

Senatorial Prefect: Valtyrius Primus
Delegate: Chelle23

Change in the Management

The face of our old/new management...
A lot has changed in the Empire since the last General Update. Some old people left, some veterans returned, and some even had the opportunity to leave and then come back! The Tribunal Prefecture was not spared from the changes and was reorganized under Drinarius, who became the Tribunal Prefect after defeating Eros in the May elections. As you may have already noticed, the Empire's executive now has two new departments: Regional and Public Affairs. The former deals with maintaining on-site activity, the latter with that which happens off-site.

The government saw an increase in activity near the end of June, most notably Public Affairs started organizing weekly VC with the members of the Discord. Despite that, Drinarius did not stand for re-election, leaving Sarah an open path to victory. She will thus be returning to her old office and to the political life of the Empire as the new Tribunal Prefect. Her extensive platform focused on, among other things, improving the way EMN handles on-site polls, developing the national RP, and reintroducing our monthly regional newspaper, the Vox Imperii.

New Imperial roleplay

Map of our proud Empire! Looks vaguely familiar, but I just can't put a finger on it.
Our Empire has a new RP, authored by Lucius! In the Imperial RP (what else could it be) our citizens get to play as either loyal* regional governors, ruling in the name of the Emperor of Mare Nostrum... or independent chiefs of savage barbarian tribes ruling in their own name. To repeat the comments of our Tribune of RP, one of those options sounds clearly better than the other. Our citizenry has shown excitement in this new RP and a substantial group of players has already formed. It will be the focus of our new government to capitalize on this and keep up the momentum.

*Disclaimer, loyalties vary.

Is it the time for the Sixth Senate already?

Oh goodness, look at the time! Our Senate is that old already.
The June Senate elections provided surprising results - Lord Eros Anphedite, the leader of the Populares party, failed to be re-elected as a Senator. The Populares initially ran on a platform that focused on bringing new legislation to the Senate, most notably their controversial project of the Bill of Rights. Meanwhile, their rivals (Optimates) argued that the Imperial Senate should instead work on fixing any loopholes that may have arisen in the (now quite extensive) legal system. It looks like the Optimates have prevailed in this struggle.

Following the short (but occasionally heated) discussion, Valt was elected Senatorial Prefect for the new (6th) Session of the Imperial Senate. The Senate almost immediately amended its Standing Orders, to establish the upkeep of our library of legislation as the responsibility of the freshly chosen Prefect.

Guess who's back...

Ha, you thought that it was Eminem, but it's actually only EMN!
Thank you for reading EMN's June Update. In case you are wondering, we will be returning to distributing these monthly. It is no secret that the departure of Thomas Insaniac (better known as Salvarity) from the game caused setbacks in the Legatus Prefecture (our foreign affairs department). With those setbacks now resolved, we are determined to produce updates with the earlier high frequency!

We are as committed as ever to deliver quality content for our friends abroad.

  • Chelle became the Empire's new World Assembly Delegate, by defeating Lucius in an election.
  • Paulus Gaius Epistre was appointed new Legatus Prefect, replacing Lord Eros Anphedite.
  • The Empire is getting closer and closer to its one year anniversary!
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Re: June General Update

Post by Paulus Gaius Epistre » Fri Jul 05, 2019 3:56 pm

I have posted this update in lieu of Rex, who is currently on LoA. He still remains our diplomat, just saying that for the record :P
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