November General Update

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November General Update

Post by Paulus Gaius Epistre » Wed Dec 05, 2018 9:16 am

November 2018 Update
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The Empire of Mare Nostrum

Emperor: Paulus Augustus

Praetorian Prefect: Khosrow

Legatus Prefect: Thomas Insaniac
Legatus: Khosrow
Vicarius: Barzai ux Loddhan

Tribunal Prefect: Sarah
Tribune of Culture: Crushita Telcontar
Tribune of Communications: Drinarius
People’s Tribune: Cinna

Senatorial Prefect: Rex Ciphra
Delegate: Samantha

Hail Augustus!

Paulus humbly ascends to the Imperial throne
There is a new Emperor sitting on the Imperial throne. Paulus Gaius, regnal name Paulus Augustus, is the newest occupant of the highest office in the land. Paulus has distinguished himself in many ways. An original founder of the region, serving as the Tribunal Prefect since the inception of the office. At the same time making monumental contributions to our Senate and the Legions. In the cultural fields he has served as Pontifex Maximus, head of the regional religion, and has contributed immensely to our regional community. There is not a single part of Mare Nostrum which Paulus has not had a hand in creating.

The Emperor was coronated on the 19th of November, with full attendance and support by the Triumvirate and other essential offices of the Empire.
The Treaty of Selene

Cleopatra Selene, namesake of the treaty
The Empire of Mare Nostrum was proud to stand with the Osiran Fraternal Order and officially ratify the Treaty of Selene on the 21st of November. The name is drawn from Cleopatra Selene, daughter of Mark Antony and Cleopatra, and this treaty stands as the first to be ratified by the Empire. Osiris has stood as the first friend of the Empire, since our very inception. With our rocky foundations, many would not dare to even speak with us; we must thank Osiris for simply being willing to hear our point of view. Since then, the spirit of cooperation and friendship has flourished. The Marian Legions and the Osiran Sekhmet Legion have worked together for months now and will continue cooperate in the future. With this treaty, the cooperation between the two regions can only expand; as we begin to look at cultural exchange.

We are proud to stand with Osiris and to continue building upon this ground-breaking document and the relationship it signifies.
Occupying Legions

Emperor Paulus(left) takes part in the rap battle portion of the occupation
The Marian Legions have been busy in the last few months. While we consider ourselves a primarily tagging force, and that is what we are primarily doing, but we also have a side gig. Starting with Traditionalist Confederacy, and then Femdom State, the Marian Legions have dedicated time to fighting the fascist scourge on NationStates. In late November, we joined the on-going occupation of The Iron Fortress. We are proud to be a participating force in these occupations and we are grateful to those to ensure we are involved.

In a more light-hearted note, the Marian Legions were happy to participate in the raid of Thanksgiving on the day of, alongside Hartfelden. A fun occasion on which we celebrated the holiday. We’ll be back next year!
  • The Tribunate of Naturalization has begun a census of the regional population.
  • Senatorial Elections have occurred on December 1st, through the 3rd.
  • The Marian Legions have released Legatus Update III
  • The Regional Discord server achieved 28,857 posts in the month of November!
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