Lost and Found Accords

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Lost and Found Accords

Post by Mike » Mon Apr 15, 2019 8:36 pm

The Lost and Found Accords between The Rejected Realms and Osiris wrote:
Lost and Found Accords
The Osiris Fraternal Order and The Rejected Realms,

Recognizing that the distrust and tensions that once characterized their relationship belong to the past,

Wishing to consolidate their friendship for their mutual benefit,

Do hereby agree to the following:

Article 1

The signatories recognize the constitutional governments in force at the time of ratification of this treaty, and any successors established according to each region's domestic legal standards, as the sole legitimate governments of their respective home regions.

The signatories will ensure continuing diplomatic relations with each other, in the form of NationStates and forum embassies.

Article 2

The signatories will not invade each others' home region, nor participate in any action with the intent to overthrow the other's legitimate government as recognized in this treaty.

The signatories will not in any way initiate or participate in espionage or other clandestine operations against one other.

Military operations where the signatories are involved in opposite sides shall not, in and of themselves, be construed as acts of hostility or aggression.

Article 3

The signatories will assist each other during the delegate transitions, except in the case that the delegacy in question is under dispute at the time of the request.

Article 4

The signatories shall endeavor to conduct communal cultural activities, to the benefit of members of both regions.

The signatories will allow the promotion of each others’ cultural events, in the appropriate venues as designated by the other region.

Article 5

This treaty will come into effect upon its ratification by the duly authorized individuals or bodies of both signatory regions.

This treaty will supersede earlier bilateral agreements between the Osiris Fraternal Order and The Rejected Realms.

The signatories understand that they are expected not to circumvent this agreement or undermine its terms in any way, including through third parties.

Either signatory may terminate this treaty with a public notice to the other signatory, effective after seven days.
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