TWP FA Update: February 2019

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TWP FA Update: February 2019

Post by k1213693 » Fri Mar 08, 2019 11:36 pm

The Dragon Emperor Delegate:

The Holy Principality of Saint Mark


Kawaii Schoolgirl, Arkadia Universalis, Dalimbar, Bran Astor, Yy4u, Mediobogdum


Recruitment and Citizenry: Alchera

Foreign Affairs: Arkadia Universalis

Internal Affairs: Bran Astor

World Assembly Affairs: Denieria

Education: Rizorien

TWPAF Commander: Kawaii Schoolgirl

Speaker of the Hall of Nations: Dalimbar

Deputy Ministers:

Sergeant-At-Arms: nrevyW

Deputy Speaker of the Hall of Nations: Miss Lady Madeline

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: KhanterWinters

Elections Results!
Every three months, TWP carries out elections to keep its people accountable, and to work on improving each of the areas of the region. But this time, the results surprised us with some new faces and new goals and ideas. Let's see the Results:

World Assembly Affairs:

Candidates: Big Bad Badger and Denieria


Big Bad Badger: 13 votes (43,33%)
Denieria: 17 votes (56.67%)
0% Abstains

Speaker of the Hall:

Candidates: Dalimbar and Mysterious Wonder


Dalimbar: 22 votes (78,57%)
Mysterious Wonder: 5 votes(17,86%)
Abstains: 1 vote (3,57%)

Internal Affairs:

Candidates: Dewilands and Bran Astor


Dewilands: 12 votes (40%)
Bran Astor: 18 votes (60%)
0% Abstains

Recruitment and Citizenry:

Candidates: Alchera

Results: Alchera: 26 votes (92,86%)
Abstains: 2 votes (7,14%)


Candidates: Rizorien

Results: Rizorien: 17 votes (89,47%)
Abstains: 2 votes (10,53%)

Seargent at Arms:

Candidates: Laururana and nrevyW

Laururana: 2 votes (12,5%)
nrevyW: 11 votes (68,75%)
Abstains: 3 votes (18,75%)

Deputy Foreign Affairs:

Candidates: KhanterWinters
Results: KhanterWinters: 15 votes (88,24%)
Abstains: 2 votes (15,76%)

So this time, our Imperial China Region, is ready to meet new challenges, and go back out as usual to show that 'The West Pacific' is the Best Pacific in NationStates.

First Annual Festival of the Three Perfections!
With changes in designs, flags, symbols, and more, our new image was finally unveiled and celebrated with a grand festival of the arts, in theme. I was particularly impressed by the high participation by all our NSVerse friends, and by the caliber of the entires. Congratulations to Fujai for the design of the beautiful badges.

The organizer of this wonderful Event was Bran Astor, who with the work of all the Guardians of TWP, kept the peace and harmony of the place.

The Three Perfections and their Winners were:

Perfection of Poetry:

For Fuzzy, Integration Minister of Balder with his Haiku "Distant Memories".

For Lynxi, Heir Apparent of Osiris with her Free verse "Organ Donor".

Perfection of Art:

For Phantasus, of Caer Sidi for his Image of a "Face in Green".

For Imki, Delegate of Lazarus... but We do not know which sketch... We loved all.

For Aynia, Dlelgate of Caer Sidi, for her photo of "House in Snow".

Perfection of Writting:

For Fuzzy, Integration Minister of Balder for his Short Story "Roast Duck".

For Jazzy, for the Best Handwritting.

So Congratulations to all our friends! Even if you did not get a Badge, you were a winner for being with us and showing to us your talent. See you next year!

Interview: The New TWP Hall of Nations Deputy Speaker Among the new staff in TWP, Dali surprised us with a new assistant for his office, someone new to The West Pacific. That is why I decided to ambush her without warning, improvising a small interview. These were her answers. By the way, we are talking about: Miss Lady Madeline / Missy Mac / Madeleine Norfolk.

Khanter: Good Checking Clock Night, I guess? Morning? 1:45 am.

Mad: Hi!

Khanter: So, this is an ambush. I have three questions for you, with no notice or previous warning. So I drop them now:

1- How did you feel when you were offered the post of Deputy Speaker?

2- Did you expect to be a deputy in a GCR so soon?

3- Do you have any expectations?


1. I was honestly surprised. I haven't been the most active citizen and I've kinda just felt like I was floating. When Dali asked me to be his deputy, I was really excited to first of all get my feet wet in a GCR and to also get my feet wet in TWP. I've never had much interaction with TWP since I started 3ish years ago, so the opportunity in front of me makes me extremely excited and humbled and looking forward to where i can go from here!

2. I had no idea, I honestly don't know how TWP completely works, but I guess having connections and a good track record of executive and legislative positions in UCRs gets you into places.

3. I expect to learn more about TWP and figure out how it can be best for me to find new ways for newb citizens like me to get involved regionally. TWP has been marked as the retirement GCR, which I find funny. I'm hoping to make it more interactive, even if that's beyond the requirements of being Dali's deputy.

Khanter: Thanks! Good Night!

Mad: Night!

Join TWPAF Today!
The West Pacific Is looking for talented, prospective recruits, and you look just like one!

So what is TWPAF?

The military of The West Pacific has existed in various forms across NationStates for over fifteen years. We continue to strive to live up to the name of the most successful GCR military to have ever existed.

Military? I thought "war" doesn't exist in this game...

The West Pacific Armed Forces participates in the raider aspect of NationStates, which is where we conquer other regions. Our military also acts as a means to defend The West Pacific from others looking to attack as well.

But I don't know how yet?

The keyword there is "yet". The West Pacific is home to some of the most talented individuals on NationStates and we will be more than happy to mentor you. Do remember that we were once you, a new nation with no idea how to raid, until we enlisted in The West Pacific Armed Forces.

You can find a quick guide on how to enlist by clicking here.

You can also find the TWPAF ranks and flags by clicking here.

If you need Further Information, feel free to TG or DM the TWPAF Commandant General Kawaii Schoolgirl.

Credits of TWP Flags, Badges and FA Banner for Fujai.
The Gryphonian Alliance, TWP ambassador to Osiris
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