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Post by Anabelle » Thu Jun 14, 2018 1:51 pm

Wow, thanks for the update! Good luck to anyone who tries to solve it! I'm interested in seeing the solution for sure!

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Post by Mathyland » Sun Jul 08, 2018 11:54 am

Wintreath Foreign Update XVI — June/July 2018

Realms of Wintreath
Wintreath - 278 nations
New Hyperion - 83 nations
Nowhere - 3 nations

Government of Wintreath
Monarch: Wintermoot

Jarl of Culture: Gerrick
Thane of Gaming: Gattoartico
Thane of Integration: Kane lives
Thane of LGBTQ Affairs: Pengu
Thane of Roleplay: Vacant
Thane of Werewolf: Pengu

Jarl of Foreign Affairs: Gattoartico
Thane of Dispatches: taulover

Jarl of Regional Affairs: Doc
Thane of WA Affairs: BraveSirRobin

Advisor: Chanku

Sorting Out the Storting
A Recap of Recent Wintrean Legislative Events
by taulover

Image credit: Dmitry Valberg on Flickr
Greetings, friends! It is I, taulover, Speaker of the Underhusen, here to bring you some quick updates on the state of our legislature!

In the June Underhusen elections, the incumbent term chose to lower to the number of seats to four, and five candidates stood for office:
  • Chanku ran on a campaign of experience and legal reform.
  • Mathyland cited his long-time incumbency and capacity for grammar fixes.
  • Crushita did not campaign until late in the election, basing it on his experience and Spud religion.
  • I, taulover, ran with no specific agenda except keeping the Laws page completely up to date.
  • Doc had some various ideas, including defining citizenship within the Fundamental Laws.
Crushita ultimately lost the election, likely due to the delayed campaigning.

In the Speaker vote following the election, there initially appeared to be a possibility of a tie between myself and Chanku. We reached an agreement wherein Chanku would become Speaker pro tempore and be free to implement his legislative goals without any hindrance from myself. Additionally, I appointed Mathyland as Secretary.

Chanku's main proposal for the early part of the term was to create an officer system for the Underhusen. Under this new system, the Speaker could create various offices and appoint citizens to it. After some discussion (in which a proposal for giving the Monarch the duty to initially nominate a Speaker candidate was rejected), this amendment to the Underhusen Procedural Rules was passed.

Following this event, I created the Office of Information at Chanku's advice, and appointed Mathyland to lead it. This Officer position continued Mathyland's former Secretarial duties and also expanded them to include greater public outreach responsibilities.

Other proposals still remain in discussion, including one giving the Speaker the power to fix grammar errors in laws, and another establishing an explicit supremacy clause in the Fundamental Laws.

The Culture Review
by Gerrick
This is the fifth installment of the Culture Review, written by me, Wintreath's Jarl of Culture. I'll be talking briefly about some events going on in the cultural areas of the forums, such as Ministry news, forum games, and contests that took place from late April to early June.

Thanes (Vice Ministers) of Culture are elected positions that serve to manage and represent different areas of Wintreath. Along with the already established positions of Thanes of Roleplay, Werewolf, LGBT Affairs, and Gaming, in May the Ministry of Integration was dissolved and a new Thane of Integration was added to the Ministry of Culture. Elections for these positions were held at the beginning of June, and the roles are now filled by Pengu as Thane of Werewolf and LGBT Affairs, Gattoartico as Thane of Gaming, and Kane lives as Thane of Integration. There were no candidates for Thane of Roleplay who completed the necessary steps to win the position, but I will be on the lookout for someone to take it over. I look forward to working with this group and seeing what they can bring to their new roles.

Wintreath's Finest is the name for Wintreath's citizen of the month. Nominations are for those who stood out as contributing or showing dedication to the region or having been extra active, caused activity, or been a good influence on others. The winner of April 2018 Wintreath's Finest was Gattoartico for his hosting of the successful regional game nights playing Realm of the Mad God and Minecraft. The winner of May 2018 Wintreath's Finest was Wintermoot for all of the work he has done to update and redesign the recruitment system, the forums header, the newsfeed, and other areas of the forums. Other nominees for the two months were Elbbsas for creating and hosting the Wintreath Escape Room, taulover for organizing and getting the Orendi out regularly, and Hydra for designing each Orendi.

Avatar Theme of the Month is the theme (or themes) nominated and voted on by citizens who then incorporate the winning theme(s) into their avatars for the month. Themes are often related to current events, though they may also include themes nominated at the random whims of citizens. May's winning theme was Anything That Rhymes with May, beating out other themes such as Minecraft, Han Solo, and Justin Timberlake. June's winning themes were a tie between Alaska and Cats. Crushita adopted an avatar that is unquestionably the most fitting: a picture of Mayor Stubbs, the cat who was the mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, for twenty years.

Spyfall is an easy-to-learn forum game where the lone undercover spy tries to figure out the location of the game while all the other players, who act in their given roles related to the location, try to figure out who the spy is. Spyfall VIII, which was hosted by North, lasted from early March until May. The location of the game was the United Nations with players given the roles of ambassadors from different countries. Hydra, the Spy, ultimately did not successfully announce the location before being correctly voted off as the spy by a majority of the players, which was initiated by Doc, making this only the second time in Wintreath that the Spy lost. There were apparently some miscommunications as to how and when the Spy could make his guess, but everyone including Hydra agreed to have enjoyed the game.

The Pandemonium RP Begins!
by taulover ft. AJ

Image credit: erzon77 on AdeptGamer
Advertised as "a roleplay of possibly infinite possibilities, but also structured," Pandemonium is a Discord-based RP set in a dimensional cluster, ruled by gods. Here, AJ'BLarg, the GM, explains the setting:

The existence of Pandemonium is built on a simple principle. Planes. The five main planes are the main realms of Bael'Kath, Olv'Thrane, Alissa, Santioc, and Xaelinoc. Pandemonium itself is a centralized dimension inside the capital of Xaelinoc, accessed by a single portal. Each of the six realms is vast, and each the size of an entire plane of existence. There's other planes that exist, and possibly will come into play.

Each plane is vastly different. Xaelinoc is the plane of the demons, ruled by the mighty Demonous Clan. Santioc is the plane of the angels, led by the Fallen Angel Cardina. Olv'Thrane is the plane of the elves, led by the mighty Zermophium, who is said to have the power of the world tree of the plane itself. Alissa, led by the Draconic Maelikor, leader of the humans. Bael'Kath, the realm of chaos and horror, led by the monstrous Xernia. Pandemonium, the capital of the collective, led by Kessek Demonous, the God-King.

If you dare to try your fate, possibly rise up in the ranks, come to the Multi-Plex of Pandemonium. Or perhaps lie in wait until your plane comes under the scope of the Multi-Plex. The possibilities are infinite in the multiverse. How will you fit in?

AJ has much experience GM'ing roleplays online. On comparing RP'ing via forum and Discord, AJ stated his opinion that "Discord is an easier and less intimidating platform." It will undoubtedly be exciting to see the Wintrean RP community evolve as it takes on this new direction of RP'ing and broadens into new platforms.

If you're interested in this RP, you can contact AJ#4382 on Discord.

Wintreans Share Food That They Made!
Potato Wedges, by WintermootShow
These are some potato wedges that I made! New potatoes cut into wedges, shredded Parmesan cheese, garlic powder and salt, and some parsley after it came out of the oven. I could have baked them a bit longer to crisp the outside more, but the flavour was fantastic, and went great with ranch dressing as a dip. It won approval in my house, at least. :D
Bobotie, by ElbbsasShow
This is currently one of my favourite dinners. Bobotie: a mince dish, with copious amounts of fruit, curry powder, and milk-soaked bread. I have to start making it at a bit past one for it to be serveable by six, and the egg layer on top keeps consistently being runny, but I'm getting there!
Raspberry Fool, by WintermootShow
My take at raspberry fool, based on a recipe on Food Network and the ingredients that I happened to have. I actually decided to totally mix in the raspberries and cream to give it a uniform flavour. I'm not usually a big fan of raspberries, but it was good with ladyfingers. :D

I also made this with strawberries yesterday, and it's very much my thing. :)

Feel free to share your own favorite recipes at the Howling Wind Tavern!

An Interview with Gattoartico about the New Modded Minecraft Server
by taulover

Gattoartico tours Furnace Lane, near the spawn of the modded server.
Wintreath has had a thriving Minecraft community for many years, with a vanilla server dating back to 2014. Recently, however, Wintreath has expanded its scope in Minecraft to mods. Joining me today discuss this topic is Gattoartico, our Thane of Gaming, who has launched a modded server based on a custom modpack.

Why did you choose to make the Wintreath modded Minecraft server?
It partially spawned from a conversation with Trader on the Vanilla server. We were discussing plans for militarization of Castle Terrinian and High Castle, with missiles and sentry armies. As a result I started compiling the mods I already played with and asked for mod suggestions. It kinda became a desire of mine to see Spawn on Wintreath Server being nuked. We don't have that map but the one we do have is a close second!

How did you decide what mods made the cut for the server pack?
Some of them were mods I loved previously, like AbyssalCraft which adds in elements of Lovecraft to the game. As well as mods that others suggested. The existing server pack is one that I slimmed down to the largest pack that would put the least stress on the kind of crappy laptop the server is on. It's still pretty full but without any truly heavy hitting mods.

What have been some of the biggest difficulties of getting the modded server up and running?
One of the biggest issues was finding the right hardware and pack size. Occasionally I take the server down for "maintenance," which is just code for the me getting tired of hearing the fan howling. I do intend to upgrade the server hardware in the near future, as trying to run it off of a first gen i3 really isn't helping performance.

What is the most interesting thing you've seen on the modded server?
Definitely the building styles of the players. Everyone on the server has kinda the same Dwarven mantra going, "Dig deep, and then dig deeper." Outside of my constructs most buildings on the server go down and not up. Which can be seen with the construction of Deepholm, Crushita's dwarven stronghold in the deep. Out of everything it is still the second deepest structure on the server. The only thing that goes deeper is my Mortis Engine. And boy is that sucker deep.

But then that may be warranted. After all, nuclear powers are on the rise server side. So digging deep may be a result of the expanding nuclear arsenals. Out of which mine still dominates the server at nearly sixty silos scattered across four dimensions.

Do you prefer vanilla or modded Minecraft?
I would have to say modded. I like the plethora of new and strange things mods add to the game. Alongside technology and magic I enjoy the variety of dimensions, creatures, and weapons you can find.

What are you plans for the future of the server?
The first thing on the list is upgrading the hardware. Ideally I want to to have an i5 or i7 as the processor and at the very least 16gbs of ram. Then the pack will go full and y'all will get the true world save. Where the server capital is a massive mountain range with sheer cliff faces. And the days prior to the server world and pack change I plan on dropping a total war scenario on y'all. Nuke each other and fight my dudes.

Thanks for reading!
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Post by Altino » Sun Jul 08, 2018 1:11 pm

Wow, looks like you guys have a lot going on! Our Minecraft server was a ton of fun, hopefully yours will be as well. Thanks for the update! :)
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Post by PapaGatto » Tue Aug 21, 2018 4:38 am

I’m just posting this for Mathy quick, I’m the Jarl of FA :p.

Hello everyone! We have been hard at work producing another puzzle for our fellow NS friends, and here is the result!

I hope you all have a wonderful time working alongside others in your region to crack the puzzle. Best of luck!
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Wintreath - Orendi XIX: Vernal Equinox Edition

Post by thechurchofsatan » Fri Apr 19, 2019 6:43 am

Orendi XIX: Vernal Equinox Edition
Our magazine-style Orendi has just published its latest issue! Check out our full PDF Version, or take a look at the pages in image form below.
Orendi XIX, Page 1 - CoverShow
Orendi XIX, Page 2 - Culture ReviewShow
Orendi XIX, Page 3 - Citizen's CornerShow
Orendi XIX, Page 4 - Walking SimulatorsShow
Orendi XIX, Page 5 - Walking SimulatorsShow
Orendi XIX, Page 6 - Walking SimulatorsShow
Orendi XIX, Page 7 - Minecraft Server InterviewShow
Orendi XIX, Page 8 - Sorting Out the StortingShow
Orendi XIX, Page 9 - Sorting Out the StortingShow
Orendi XIX, Page 10 - When Beeterflies Attack!Show
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Wintreath: Choose Your Own Werewolf IV

Post by thechurchofsatan » Thu Jun 06, 2019 10:50 pm

Hello hello to all of our friends and region-mates out there! It's time once more for a rousing game of Werewolf! For the 18th installment, the theme was put to a vote by Wintreath's citizens. The votes were close, but Choose Your Own Werewolf IV was the winner! That means that you'll choose how the game goes based on how you answer a set of questions...this time asked by a simple English gentlecat who just wants to make you tea and biscuits. So stop by Wintreath for some tea, and take part in a friendly game of Werewolf! The signup thread can be found here, and signups will conclude on June 10th at 8PM Pacific Standard there's plenty of time to sign up. I hope to see you there!
The Rejected Realms: Former Delegate | Former Vice Delegate | Longest Consecutively Serving Officer in TRR History - 824 Days
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Chanku: This isn't an election it's an assault on the eyes. | Ikania: Hear! The Gospel of... Satan. Erh...
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