The Sekhmet Legion

Home to the Sekhmet Legion of Osiris, the Osiran raider military force.

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The Sekhmet Legion

Post by Cormac » Sat Dec 07, 2013 12:44 pm

The Sekhmet Legion of Osiris
The Raider Military of the Osiris Fraternal Order

The Sekhmet Legion is the raider military of the Osiris Fraternal Order. Its aims are to raid other regions for the glory of Osiris and to defend Osiris from attack. The Legion pursues the following goals to meet our high standard of raider excellence:
  • Maintaining a well trained military prepared to respond to any situation, through frequent shorter term operations to ensure sustained activity, fun, and sharply honed skills for every soldier;

  • Projecting military power abroad, through frequent longer term operations and non-update support operations in order to demonstrate military superiority over opposing forces;

  • Honing speed and quick reflexes, through brief tag raiding operations.
The Sekhmet Legion is a proud raider military committed to the pursuit of regional interests and to the projection of military power. We will strive to maintain a self-sufficient military that is able to engage in its own operations, provide meaningful support to friends and allies, and maintain the highest standards that will make us the premier military among Feeders and Sinkers and the best raider military in NationStates -- all while having a lot of fun and building a strong bond between our soldiers.

Enlist in the Sekhmet Legion here!
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