Sekhmet Reserves Program

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Sekhmet Reserves Program

Post by Lynxi » Wed Apr 17, 2019 10:56 pm

Sekhmet Legion is the longest continually standing institution of Osiris, and since its inception in 2013 it has seen enormous ups and downs of activity. R/D as a part of gameplay has seen those ups and downs too, and currently Sekhmet is feeling a low point in terms of activity and enthusiasm because of that. It’s also no secret that the military is, currently, poorly trained and lacking in experience.

Training comes with time and the desire of someone to put forth the effort and actually do the teaching. It takes a seasoned military gameplayer who has the knowhow and the drive to make guides, run training ops, and mentor the inexperienced recruits. That’s something we have a general answer for, but it’s going to take some time. And while training is important, a large part of R/D is the numbers game- one that Sekhmet Legion hasn’t truly been strong in for a while. Well, we’re finna change that ish.

Update operations happen at a very specific time- 12:00 am and 12:00 pm EDT. If you’re not available during those times then R/D gameplay is often inaccessible to you. For some people that’s frustrating, but Sekhmet Legion is about to have an answer- Sekhmet Reserves. While it isn’t often as thrilling or adrenaline filled as update operations, “piling” is an essential part of any non-tagging op.

What’s piling? (Well I’m glad you asked! I was actually building up to this point…)

Piling is the term used for moving a World Assembly nation into the raided region after the initial success to increase our ability of holding the region. Often Defenders will attempt to “liberate” the region and destroy our efforts, but they can only do this if they have the numbers. If we can grow our number of active pilers, more options are opened up to us and we will be more successful in general.

So if you’ve ever been interested in helping out with the Legion but you weren’t available for update, this is your chance to give our Legionnaires a leg up on the competition. We’ll be using a “Piling Points” incentives program to make sure you’re recognized for your hard work, getting badges out for the really big/important ops, and even teaching a bit of “extracurricular” activities that you can do outside of update as well.

If you’re interested, please fill out a Sekhmet application and answer “Yes” on the Sekhmet Reserves question.
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