Hall of Honors [Updated: Nov. 2 2018]

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Hall of Honors [Updated: Nov. 2 2018]

Post by Cormac » Fri Nov 02, 2018 12:31 pm

These honors recognize outstanding contributions to Osiris since the official beginning of the Second Era of the Osiris Fraternal Order on 16 May 2016.

Regional Honors
Neo KervoskiaGriffinRahl-MontresorScale of Ma'at21 August 2016
YokiriaSylviaMontresorCrown of Osiris21 August 2016
The Dourian EmbassyTreizeDreizehnViolet Jewel of Atum21 August 2016
Cormactopia IICormacSkollvaldrViolet Jewel of Atum26 April 2017
SaqAmbroscus KothVytherovCrown of Osiris26 April 2017
SaqAmbroscus KothVytherovViolet Jewel of Atum25 October 2018
MghnbWiktor "Mike"SkollvaldrSword of Sekhmet25 October 2018
Anabelle IMahiraAnabelleScale of Ma'at25 October 2018

Regional Peerage

Coming soon!
His Majesty Cormac Skollvaldr
Bru'uh of Osiris - Co-Founder of the Osiris Fraternal Order
Hasal-Pharaoh of Osiris (3x)
Khetemtai in the House of Osiris

"We are all misfits living in a world on fire." - Kelly Clarkson, "People Like Us"
Regional HonorsShow

Violet Jewel of Atum | Awarded: July 27, 2014 and April 26, 2017

Crown of Osiris | Awarded: September 30, 2014
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