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Post by Anabelle » Wed Oct 24, 2018 2:08 am

Floor 11

When the elevator doors open you're met with a very heavy curtain. From the other side, you can hear loud music and flashes of light. A small woman dressed in all black meets you as soon as you step out of the elevator. "There you are," she said her voice full of anxious worry, "You're late! I thought I'd have to cancel the show!"

The show? You think, but have no time to speak as the woman descends upon you with a flurry of makeup brushes. Suddenly the music changes and she glances at the curtain. "That's you! Go!" Roughly she pushes you through the curtain. You stumble through the curtain and find yourself... on a catwalk during a fashion show. Other models are walking past you and all photographers and audience are looking at you expectantly.

Having nothing else to do you walk down the runway. Photographers snap pictures at you and the audience takes notes. You find yourself having fun with it even striking a few poses. You keep walking and keep walking, never finding the end of the runway to turn around and head back.

As you find yourself getting tired, the photographers and audience fade away and you're walking on a catwalk in darkness. Briefly, you look back wondering if you should just turn around when in front of you a previously invisible elevator door opens. You step in and press the button to go to the next floor.
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Post by Mike » Fri Nov 09, 2018 4:02 am

Floor 12


The elevator opens its doors, and a myriad of smells makes their way too you. The most identifiable smell is that of mesquite smoke, taking you back to true barbecue, football, and apple pie. "What the hell, how bad could it be" you think to yourself as you follow your nose, and your now rumbling stomach, to the source of the smell.

Ahead is a barren room, save a singular smoker and picnic table. Seeing an empty plate resting on the table, you scoop it up, and head towards the smoker. Laying within? A perfectly smoked brisket. Suddenly, a metal spatula appears in your hand. There is only one thing you can do, and next thing you know you're back at the table with slices of brisket. Weird, but in a good way. Sure beats some of the floors you've experienced so far.

Primal instinct takes over, and you consume three pieces before realizing that the taste and texture don't match up with the image of the meat that you know you just consumed. Looking back towards the plate, the sliced brisket you had has somehow been replaced by crickets. Spitting out the food in your mouth, the crushed mash reveals multiple cricket legs.

Woe is ye.

All the scents have dispersed, and the once silent room has come to life with the sound of hundreds of thousands of crickets.

So, trapped within this insect infested hellhole, you take the only sane option. You run back to the elevator door, crushing hundreds of insects beneath your feet.

Finally you reach the only place of safety and solitude you've experienced in this tower, the very harbinger of hell itself, the inside of the elevator.

Away you go, unto the next discovery.
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Post by Tethys 13 » Fri Nov 09, 2018 6:02 am

Floor 13

You press the 'open' button, but the lift doors remain resolutely closed. Instead, a hidden hatch opens and reveals a diving suit. Confused but becoming jaded to the tower's madness, you put it on and the lift slowly begins to fill with water. Once it has filled completely, the doors open and you enter an aquatic paradise. Marine animals of all varieties swirl around you, as if welcoming you to their realm. Betta, discus, angelfish and clownfish flow by in a kaleidoscope of colour, and a curious seahorse bobs up to your visor before inching away. You swim through the beautiful scenery for a while, forgetting your worries as you bask in nature. It seems difficult to remember that you're in a room, and though the water is crystal clear you can't make out the shape of the walls or the ceiling, the light dappling from above seeming far more like sunlight on waves than any artificial source. Crabs scuttle across the sandy floor, clustering together as a squadron of manta rays pass grandly overhead. It is then that you start to notice the oddities. A shoal of skeletal fish rattle by, their empty eye sockets turning to glance at you. A plump, red-scaled fish with white and yellow fins and long tan barbels gapes dumbly at you, swishing ineffectually as it tries to escape. For a moment in the distance you think you see a mermaid, but it turns out to just be a manatee, before the shadow of a monstrous leviathan scares it away, along with your sense of calm. You look around uneasily, seeing the tip of a huge tailfin flick out of sight.

Just as the first tinglings of fear begin to crawl down your spine, a dolphin nudges your shoulder and then darts away towards a forest of coral, vanishing through what looks like an arch. You follow, entering a large coral structure far more like an amphitheatre than a reef. At that moment, a distorted voice calls out to you, and you turn to see a humanoid figure descending through the water, the light glittering from its shining armour.
"Greetings!" the figure says, your helmet filtering through the sound but so muffled that you cannot determine the speaker's sex, and you flinch as a sealed bowl of lemon sorbet is pushed into your hands. "A gift to mark our meeting. Will you be staying with us long?" the figure asks, and you look warily at the long spear in their hand. Trying not to provoke the warrior, you explain your intention to move up to the next floor as politely as you can. The warrior shrugs, and gestures back across the majestic landscape with the tip of their spear. "The lift is just over there, if you're resolved to leave, but why not enjoy the sights?" They indicate upwards, and you follow the spearpoint to see a crowd of armoured or dive-suited figures like a shoal of fish watching two more as they duel with dizzying speed in the centre of the sphere. "Don't worry, you don't have to join in," the warrior reassures you as you shrink back. "You can spectate though, and place bets if you want." Just as you start considering the idea, a raucous if muffled cheer rings out and you see a thin red haze sparkling with silver flecks growing at the centre of the small arena, and a couple of nearby sharks start twitching with agitation and heading closer. "Just a scratch, she can still turn it around," the warrior says as they turn back to you, but seeing the look on your face through the glass visor they decide not to encourage you again. "If you don't like fighting, there's that area over there," the warrior says uncertainly, pointing again, and you turn to see a small seating area formed of coral where baby squid and octopuses swim in lazy circles around a plume of warm water. A small sign has been carved on the edge of the coral, reading 'Hug Zone'. The incongruity of it pushes you over the edge, and you start swimming as fast as you can for the lift. The warrior calls out, but you don't look back until you are through the doors, and as they start to close, you see the warrior wave from the coral arch. "Come back soon, if you like!" they shout to you hopefully, and then your view is severed and the lift begins the slow process of emptying itself of water. It is at this point that you realise that you still have the bowl of sorbet. Once the water has departed, and the lift starts to rise, you take off the helmet and try some. It is delicious, but extremely sour. You find yourself, somewhat ironically, wishing you had some water.
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Post by Vanq » Thu Jan 24, 2019 8:06 am

14 Floors

13 floors. Each floor as strange as the one before it. At this point, the memory of why you were even here has been forsaken. Instead, your body's senses tingled in uncontrollable anticipation of what the next floor offers.

Would you encounter a world of fantasy? One where portly dwarfs hid within their fortress beneath the mountains and where an abnormally old wizard with a grey beard and wielding a white staff would beckon otherworldly souls like yourself to embark on an adventure to save the realm from the clutches of a necromancer that no one, not even himself, likes? Or would a tidal wave of exotic perfume exuded from the sylphlike body of a blonde princess overwhelm your nose in olfactory pleasure, only for the princess to morph into the form of a serpentine succubus just so she can consume you, her dinner, while your eyes remain glazed over in the illusion that your mind has been drugged to create from the toxins within the perfume's odor?

A shiver originates from the bottom of your spine and undulates through it. You took a gulp, a deep gulp. Hopefully it'll be the former you told yourself. Hands scratched your head, your hands. You began to ask yourself questions that only you were to answer. Why are you here? Why is the elevator doing this? Could there be a purpose to all that you have been through and will be through? You struggle to remember why you even walked into Osiris Tower in the first place. Why Why Why?

Then you realize why. Well, more like you think you have realized the 'why'. The why you can't just isolate yourself within the assured safety of the elevator whenever it goes ding and the doors open to reveal whatever the hell it is that is in front of you! See, you believed at that very moment that the actual answer was not hard, the opposite in fact.

You're fucked.

That was it. You. Are. Fucked. You have absolutely no control whatsoever of any variable that exists in this awful scenario you have found yourself put in. It is as if you are merely a current source of entertainment for a pantheon of higher beings that take a cruel sort of interest in your inhumane predicament simply because it amuses them. But of course, that hypothesis is one amongst many. The worse case scenario, the truly worse scenario would be that all this...all this is random. There is no rationality in any of this. You are a single, irrelevant bundle of atoms that drew the shortest of the shortest straws and it is because of that that you are exposed to this weird mishmash of realities with the elevator you are in acting as a conduit between you and them.

Maybe the best case scenario would to merely end your life right now. Yes, that was the answer! You looked at what you were holding. A bowel of sorbet.


The doors opened. You walked out with your bowel of sorbet clutched to your chest. The sight you are greeted with makes you fall to your knees, chest heaving heavily. Your eyes close. A moment passes before they open again.

Your hands are covering a fraction of the expansive tiled floor you are on. Each singular tile has been painted to coalesce into a greater masterpiece, depicting the River Nile Delta. Above you is a vaulted ceiling, beautifully painted gold and white.

Then you sense...you sense a indistinguishable presence in front of you. You jolt upwards but it is not the evil but sexy blonde you envisaged in your mind, despite how hard you secretly wanted it to be.

"Welcome to Osiris' Tower! Please remember to wipe your feet!"

The small girl spoke in excellent, articulated English, something you haven't heard for a while. As soon as she finished greeting you, she sat down, leaning back in her velvet red chair, petting a cute kit fox on her shoulder.

You instinctively turn around, seeing the familiar words Remember to endorse the Pharoah emblazoned upon the brown banner. Deja Vu becalms you rather than agitate. You walk over to small, otherwise inconspicuous circular table composed of oak. On it, there are two things. You know what they are.

Your suspicions confirmed, you look back to the girl. She is still petting her kit fox. You look around you. There are no doors. There are no exits. There is but the elevator you came from, but it was closed instead of open. Nothing had changed, absolutely nothing.

Despair began to set in and the thought of forcing the weird kid behind you to tell you what the hell was going on grew more as a possible course of action within your mind. That was until a sudden movement in your peripheral makes you look above. At the mural painting of the owl above the elevator. To your shock, you realize it is looking right back at you!


You collapse onto the tiled floor in horror, resembling a puppet whose strings have been cut.

Paintings don't just become alive like that! What the hell! Your brain's hemisphere of logic screamed.

But as you closed your eyes and prepared for a gruesome death by artwork, the owl spoke, "Stop being a pussy."

Its words traversed through your flesh into your soul. And they resonated from within. You opened your eyes then stood up. You knew the owl was right, you were being a wuss.

A wuss of wusses! You berated yourself as you straightened your posture and fixed your hair.

You walked up to the table, put your hand in the jar and picked up a token for which you immediately dropped into the collection box. The elevator went Ding

You walked inside again, however the difference being that you were armed with the words of a painting. Yes, that was it. Nothing else to it. It did not occur to you at that moment while you so full of bravado that this was not truly floor 1 but rather floor 14. By the time the elevator closed, it was too late. You were bound for the 15th floor.
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Post by Jakmanseven » Sun Feb 10, 2019 7:24 am

Floor 15

You heaved a sigh as the elevator slowly climbed. This had been quite literally the ride of a lifetime, and no floor had left quite the same impact.

Well, despite the common theme of "unsettling and strange".

The ding of the doors snapped you out of your daydreaming, and with the words of the owl you steeled yourself for whatever layed for you on the other side of the door.

Granted, there's very little one can do to prepare for a sudden blast of cold air, which is exactly what you find yourself met with: stinging your eyes and easily tearing through your vintage jacket, chilling you to the bone.

"Oh, f-forget this." you say, going to hit the button with a shaking finger. The doors don't close, however, and you are met with a sound that can only be described as an alarm clock on steroids. You cover your ears and race out of there, and your fingers are soon warmed by the blood from your ears. You rub your shaking hands together as you look around.

Barren concrete walls and floor surround you, and you can see that where you stand once was an office: debris from computers, desks, cubicles and filing cabinets lay scattered about, as if meant to provide cover or hiding places. As you step forward, you see why it's so cold. A large chunk of the building is gone, revealing a cityscape in ruins and a dark, smog-ridden sky. You see white flakes drifting down and stick out your tongue, the nostalgia from the second floor rushing into you again. It's cut short, however, as you soon find the particles are not snow, but something much more nasty tasting.

"Ash is not the best thing to eat." says a voice behind you with a chuckle. You turn slowly and see a soldier of some type standing behind you, a smile on their face. "Come, I've got some things that'll taste better, and warm you up too."

You hesitate, but when a quick search of the room reveals the elevator has, yet again, vanished, you shrug and follow them. They quietly lead you up through the ruined tower. Office supplies provide makeshift foxholes and pillboxes among blasted concrete and rebar. Weapons lay abandoned and rusted, and everything is coated with a fine layer of ash. When you reach the top of the tower, you're greeted with the sight of a small cooking fire, a tent, and a few workbenches.

"Sit, sit. I have a spare coat somewhere, I'd be happy to trade with you." You protectively tug your jacket tighter around you: it had been your armor through all this madness, and you would keep it with you. As the soldier vanished into their tent, you turned out your pockets to see what you had to offer: a silver spoon, an ornately made bowl, and a bloody tiara. Greeeeat....

The soldier returned, a coat in hand. You shamefully hold out what you have to offer: while pretty, it's clearly all worthless: you close your eyes and pray to whatever's out there that they aim for your head. You're surprised, then, at the sudden feeling of an embrace. "Thank you for your offer of what you have."

Tears spring to your eyes as the thick winter coat is wrapped around you. The stranger pours you some stew into a smaller pot, which turns out to be...actual stew. And good stew, believe it or not.

After you eat your fill, the soldier speaks up, pouring out a bottle of clear liquid and pouring you each a capful. "I am greatful when those as yourself come. Company is of short supply out here..." You raise your shots in a silent toast, and quickly drink down the burning liquid. It's stronger than anything you've had before. Which could say a lot, either way.

You hear a slight ding behind you again. You and the soldier both rise, embracing quickly one last time. The soldier fills a thermos with stew for you, giving you a canteen and a sturdy, combat-grade flashlight as well. "Safe travels, friend. May we meet again soon."

You wave as the doors close, then let your hand drop back into your pocket. You freeze, feeling the small tiara back in your pocket. Unease rises in your throat as the elevator begins to ascend again.

It's not over that easy....
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Post by Anabelle » Tue Aug 13, 2019 12:28 am

Floor 16

When the door opens you walk out into a large room with two doors.

As you walk toward them an old man appears behind you, "I would choose carefully you know."

You turn around and find the man smiling at you. He shrugs, "only one of them will take you to the next floor. The other one..." he trails off and shrugs again, "but you aren't alone maybe you could ask them for help."

You turn back toward the doors. Standing next to the door on the right there are three people. They are your best friends, you know them, you're comfortable with them and you know they have your best interest at heart. In unison, they point to the door next to them and say, "open this one. You don't want to open that one.

You nod and instinctively begin reaching for that door until you look at the door on the left. Standing next to it are three other people. You also know them, but you wouldn't exactly call them your friends. They have a vested interest in making sure you get to the next level so that means they wouldn't steer you wrong either ... right?

"No," they say in unison, "open this door"

You look between them confused. "How do I choo.." you begin to say spinning around looking for the old man. But you find he's disappeared and in his place is a crowd of people. Although you can't see him, you hear the old mans voice as if he was standing next to you. "They will follow you into whichever door you choose. Their fate is your fate. Choose wisely."

You look at the sea of people, their faces are blank. They wait expectantly.

You take a deep breath and turn toward the doors. You listen to both groups and study each door carefully ready to immediately choose the other if one poses a danger to you.

You stand quietly for a moment and then smile. "Of course," you say, "this one is the right door."

You reach into the darkness between both doors and appearing out of thin air is a button. You press it and it opens and you find that it's the elevator to the next level.

You turn around as the doors close and see everyone. Your friends, the people you know, the crowd and the old man watching you go up.

They're smiling.

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Post by Doña Estella » Tue Aug 13, 2019 7:32 am

Floor 17

As the elevator door opens once again, you behold a room with stone walls painted with the images of Egyptian deities and colored hieroglyphics. Bravely, you step through the door, knowing already that the lift shall not move until you explore. In any case, this floor looks much less threatening than some of those you have encountered earlier. What is this place? A palace?

A burial chamber! it dawns on you, as you suddenly recognize the stone edifice in the middle as a sarcophagus. The room appears to be brightly lit from above; as you look up, you cannot help but admire the arched ceiling also decorated with the exotic mural paintings, but you cannot identify the source of the light.

"Welcome, traveler," you suddenly hear a soft feminine voice which seems to be coming from somewhere very close. You look down and see its owner; she is standing right next to you, a beautiful woman with straight pitch-black hair styled the same way as those of the goddesses on the mural paintings. But down below, she is not a woman at all for her waist is attached to the body of a lioness.

"Who are you?" you ask the creature.

"I am the Sphinx, guardian of this tomb," she offers.

"And whose tomb is this?" you venture another question.

"It shall be yours, if you fail to answer my riddle," she replies with an enigmatic smile.

You now notice a curved khopesh blade attached to her girdle and start feeling cold sweat. You look around for possible avenues of escape, but there seem to be none; there is now solid wall where the elevator door has been and you can see no other doorways or openings.

"You cannot escape your destiny," the Sphinx tells you calmly. "So, will you hear my riddle or would you rather give up without trying and remain here for the rest of eternity?"

"Fine, tell me that riddle of yours," you say; it's not like you have an awful lot of options.

"Who is the Delegate of your NationStates region?" she asks.

"Why, Anabelle, of course!" you reply.

"See, that wasn't so hard, was it," the Sphinx giggles. The next instant, she vanishes into thin air and a portion of solid wall disappears, revealing brightly lit interior of the elevator cabin. You step in and press the 'up' button. The adventure continues.

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